Seniors Elect Math Teacher as Favorite
Excerpts from Senior Issue 1971 Hoof Print

Almost half of the faculty (48 to be exact) were named by some senior as his favorite teacher. Although the distribution of FT selections was widespread, the reason for senior choices was not. The one characteristic most often named was "…can communicate with students."

Heading the list of favorites of the senior class this year was Mr. Paul Foerster.

Deborah Williams selected Mr. Foerster as her favorite because "He was able to relate algebra to the real world and to me." "Because of the help he gave me," was the reason Bob Johnson gave for selecting the trig teacher. Charles beck, Robert Comer, Polly McClanahan, David Ramos, Susan Soderstrom, Richard Woolley and Terry Wang were others who selected Mr. Foerster as their favorite member of the faculty. Debbie Hendrick summed it up as she wrote, "He is a good teacher."

Miss Caroline Olson was runner up in the poll of the '71 seniors. Sherri Gerth named her because"… she really cares about people and is very sincere." Rob McLaughlin named the biology teacher because "…she helped a lot." Miss Olson was named by Richard Erdrich since, "she put up with our class." John McCaleb said, "She's nice."

Last year's winner, Mrs. Rose Ranson, was third in the Hoof Print poll. Larry Stenger said the senior English teacher was his favorite mainly because "She knows how to communicate with her students." Fred Holliday said that she was very understanding. Worth Christian stated that she has a "…good sense of humor." Mary Holmes thought that Mrs. Ranson "relates to students as people, not students."

Mrs. Mary Zuschlag and Mr. Walter DeBill tied in the balloting with Mrs. Ranson. Mrs. Zuschlag was Connie Stressenger's favorite because "She is a good teacher and a great teacher. " David Shawd expressed his liking of Mrs. Zuschlag because of the way she runs her class.

Mr. DeBill was chosen by Robin Harris because "He enjoys students." Jim Roberts said that Mr. DeBill "…understands…" Other answers ranged from "He's got soul." By Andy Wetz to "He's a great pool shark." By Bud Wiedermann.

Miss Ernest Mae Seaholm, Mrs. Mary Durham and Miss Linda Wise all tied for the next spot.

Miss Seaholm "tries to teach students, not impress them" according to Lynn Fawcett. Pam Jones liked her because "She is fantastic-and knows what she's talking about." Cindy Savage stated that "She's concerned about the student that enters her room.

Eric Renth said that Miss Wise "…has been like a mother to me." Jimmy Burke was not quite sure why he picked her, though.

Judy Whiteaker said that Mrs. Durham"…seems to take a personal interest in you." "She is the most open minded person I know," stated Cecille Carnes. "She is considerate and respects her students."

Margi Groos chose Mr. Andy Cobb as her favorite because "…he makes a sincere effort to teach the student." Larry Williams decided Mr. Edwin Walthall was his favorite teacher "'cause he's cool."

Mrs. Oma Vordenbaum was voted favorite teacher by Barbara Poplin since "…she gives her teaching a personal touch," and Bob Gutierrez because she is "…understanding…also a very good teacher."

Mr. Gale Nelson, according to Suzanne Garrett is "…totally unselfish…". Leighton Ku said he was his favorite teacher because of "…his good humor, his devotion to his students and his patience."

Mrs. Mary Norman, Hoof Print and Olmos sponsor, according to one student"…is more concerned about what you learn than what you look like and she is easy to talk to." Carolyn Nunn says much the same about Mrs. Sylva Flores, "because you can talk to her and she listens".