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Greetings from Uvalde! I was born and raised in Alamo Heights and graduated from Antonian High School in 1971. I lived on Nottingham and attended St. Peter Prince of the Apostles Catholic School (K-8). Of course, I had many classmates leave the eighth grade and go on to Alamo Heights High School.

In the eighth grade, I attended Amory Oliver’s School of Ballroom Dance classes and was a member of the Junior Cotillion so I knew many of your Alamo Heights classmates. Valerie Riley (God rest her soul) and her sister Debbie were close friends.

I stumbled across the AHHS Class of 1971 website several years ago and check it from time to time. I have enjoyed all you hard work and have enjoyed the photos of other reunions. Great information!

... I’m with Gordon on “Brown Eyed Girl”. When the Foxtrot is the only dance you know, it was hard to dance to that tune.

I was not a willing participant in Amory Oliver’s dance classes and was forced to attend. Apparently, my parents felt I was lacking in the area of manners and etiquette as I was the only one of my siblings who was forced to go. There were more girls than guys so I had no choice, I had to dance.

My hats’s off to Ms. Oliver for taking a bunch of pre human, eighth grade boys and teach them manners and etiquette. (Lord knows we needed it.) She was a brave woman.

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