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This is the FORMER Official Web Site of the Alamo Heights High School Class of 1971, San Antonio, Texas
For all who were in our classes at any point between 1959 and 1971
The purpose of this site is to share information, memorials, memories, photos, and reunion info.
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Classmates living, working, and serving in far corners of the world

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Can you recognize Chrys Lambros Parker in her body armor? Rev. Dr. (Chaplain) Chrys L. Parker had the honor of being the only civilian engaged in combat chaplaincy for the Army. This was taken as she stepped off a Blackhawk in Iraq in 2010.

Larry Stenger's work routinely takes him to: China, Malaysia, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico, Scotland and France. "This is the Singapore skyline from their HUGE Ferris wheel, the Singapore Flyer, on my 2011 February trip. Singapore is my favorite Asian destination because you can speak English, the folks are extremely friendly and all the food (even that from street vendors) is safe to eat. As a colleague once put it, it’s Asia Light. (If only it weren’t so far away, the flight I take is 18 hours, 45 minutes non-stop from Newark to Singapore!)"

Mike Lyman is on assignment in Kabul, Afghanistan, as a Health Liaison, working with Afghan health officials & private organizations on US government-funded health projects. 

Where Were You in November 1963?

"Recently I toured a friend's office in San Antonio who collects historic photographs. At the end of the tour, he showed me the framed photograph. I remembered it immediately. As 5th graders many of the class of 1971 are in this photograph standing at this fence behind Cambridge Elementary on Broadway in 1963 when JFK, Jackie Kennedy and John Connally drove by in their motorcade. JFK was assassinated the following day in Dallas. I was one of the kids in the photo. I remember our 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Hanson walking our class to the fence to watch the motorcade and I definitely remember the next day when she walked into the classroom and announced that the President had been shot. I believe most everyone remembers where they were when that happened." ~ Elizabeth Webb Wendel

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Thank you to Elizabeth Webb Wendel and Jim Berg for bringing this photograph to our attention.
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Photo (10” x 25”) - $49.50.

"Yes, I remember the day very well and I believe I am the smiling kid in the striped shirt at the far left side of the picture. I don’t remember the shirt, since it was most likely a hand me down from my older brother, but the grin on that mug looks familiar. As JFK rode by I yelled out “Yeah Kennedy” to which he responded with a smile and a “We are the Champions” two hand clasp above his head. Really made my day, which heightened the shock from the events of the next day in Dallas. Two days later we all watched on live TV Lee Harvey Oswald being shot at point blank range at the Dallas Police station. In 1963, TV was still a new fangled device and seeing these events unfold live and in black and white was truly remarkable. Certainly not the antics of Mr. Green Jeans and Captain that a 10 year old student at Cambridge Elementary was accustomed to. The events of that week in November certainly changed how I looked at TV from then on, and to an extent how I look at life. Enjoy it while it’s turned on, because in flash, the channel is gonna change." ~ Mannti Cummins

" ... I was shocked to see the JFK picture on the AHHS71 web as I am one of the kids in the picture from Mrs. Hanson’s class, and think I may be just to the right of Mannti Cummins. My hair was always in a burr haircut at that point (probably a precursor to my Marine Corps days) and I remember the day very well. (However, in my memory I thought we were on the playground side of the fence, but that’s what age will do to you.)
In my recollection we were told on the PA system that the President had been killed, and I think we were sent home shortly afterwards. I remember Tim Timmins (my best friend) and I walking up Townsend Ave. to where Tim’s mom parked and we were talking about the assassination. I often tell friends on the anniversary of JFK’s death that I saw him the day before but don’t know how many folks just think it’s another tall tale from Texas. I’ll sure give them a look at this picture next November." ~ Larry Stenger

" ... I was there at the time of the JFK photo, but was not in the pic. I was further to the south as is most of Mrs. Hanson's class. If I were there, you could easily spot me as I was a easily head and shoulders taller than everyone in the class and I was in the back row because of that. Along with us would be (to the best of my recollection) Dev, Blake Middleton, John Saunders, John McCaleb, Julie Brown, Ilse Garrett, Quinn Williams, Boo Boo Jockush, Tay Mason, and my memory dims...
But the day Kennedy was shot, Mrs. Hanson was called out into the hall. Blake and I had been playing chess as it was right after lunch and we were just getting ready to start class again. Mrs. Hanson came back in the room and started to say something and stopped midsentence and sat down at her desk with her head in her hands crying. At that same instance, Mr. Huff came over the speaker and made the "official" announcement. Julie Brown went nuts... completely hysterical, which caused Mrs. Hanson to get a grip and take care of her. (Julie's dad was an elected Democratic judge and I am sure she felt a personal relationship with President Kennedy and had probably met him in person, I would think, during the campaign.)
Everything was pretty surreal the rest of the day. Then, on Saturday, I was at the ranch and my grandfather was watching the live broadcast of news as Oswald was being transferred. It is my recollection I saw him get shot live. I am not sure this is true. It may have just been a recorded tape, but I know it was shortly thereafter, if not live." ~ Max Wier

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and time marches on ..... 1926 District Championship - Coach Earl "Mule " Frazier

A Brief History: The first Alamo Heights High School was opened in 1909. It was a two-room frame building in front of the site of the present Cambridge Elementary School building. In 1912, a new school on the same location contained eight rooms and an auditorium. In 1922, the first high school building was finished and was under supervision of the County Superintendent of Schools. The first graduating class from the high school, in May of 1925, had sixteen graduates. In 1928, the elementary and junior schools were built on the same site. In 1937, a 21-acre tract of land at Broadway and E. Castano was purchased; a new high school would be erected on that land. Soon, the football stadium and tennis courts were on the new grounds. Plans were started before 1941, but they were laid aside. Preliminary drawings of the school began in 1942; many meetings and inspection trips to other schools followed. On April 4, 1948, the bond issue passed by a vote of 3 to 1. Teachers submitted plans for their rooms and the facilities that they would need. A study of the educational needs of the community was made. Construction of the gymnasium began in January of 1949; work on the school started in June of 1949. The homemaking cottage was started in September. The school building was completed and opened for public use in September of 1950. During the late winter of 1956, construction was started on the north wing of the main building, vocal, music and speech rooms, and the auxiliary gymnasium. These facilities were ready for use at the beginning of the next school year. Extensive remodeling of the central wing to increase and improve the science and foreign language laboratories, an addition to the library, and the construction of the south wing were started during the summer of 1960 and were completed early in the spring of 1961. The demonstration-lecture room of the cottage was added during the summer of 1963. An extension to the north wing, additional dressing facilities for physical education, and stadium improvements were completed during the 1964-65 school year. New lights were placed on the football field in 1968, and the natatorium and air conditioning of all classroom buildings were completed during the 1969-70 school year. In 1989, 1998, 2000, 2005 and 2010 Alamo Height patrons approved bond elections to provide improvements and additions to the high school and all district buildings.
SCHOOL COLORS: Blue and Gold ~ SCHOOL MASCOT: Mule “Caledonia”

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In 1967 the United States was undergoing social and political influences that were threatening its foundation. Only four years recovered from the tragic loss of one of our greatest leaders, the cold war raced on between the US and Soviet Union. Men like Martin Luther King Jr. would challenge minorities to fight for the belief that all men are created equal. Robert Kennedy would attempt to follow in his brother's footsteps urging young people to fight for what they believe in. The Vietnam war was raging in the far-east, its reason unknown to most Americans, as some fought so democracy would prevail while others waged anti-war sentiments at home protesting our involvement and threatening the right-wing establishment of their fathers. While these struggles were raging young and old people alike were eager to watch as America raced its competitors to the moon proving our greatness to the world.

As it was in the Fall of 1967, 422 young adults entered Alamo Heights High School. Over the next four years they would learn how these events came about and why they would almost certainly shape their future. In 1971 they began a quest to make the future a better place. Some succeeded, others are still searching, and a few never made it. This site is dedicated to their story. Its about who we were and what we've become and in some hope find out if our legacy has a better opportunity than we made for ourselves. ~ R. Schonhoff

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